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Soluventis developed a platform technology for drug delivery of nucleic acids and peptides. The Soluventis drug delivery system is based on an innovative new composition which efficiently reaches almost all organs and has a convincing safety profile.

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The same efficacy as the best small molecule blockbuster drugs

In two complete different proofs of efficacy, the inhibition of proton pump in the stomach's parietal cells and the inhibition of blood pressure regulating hormone Angiotensin, the Soluventis Nanocarrier-based therapy with specific siRNA has same effect as the conventional Blockbusters Omeprazole and Captopril.

In Comparison to proton pump inhibitor Omeprazole

Inhibitors of the acid secreting proton potassium ATPase in the gastric parietal cell (proton pump inhibitors-PPI) like Omeprazole induce a hundred-fold suppression of acid secretion in the "peak acid output" test.

Omeprazole Figure 1

Peak acid output with pentagastrin challenges a low pH in the gastric lumen (3 doses non-coding siRNA). Beginning with two doses of Omeprazole or three injections of Soluventis Nanocarrier + siRNA the peak acid output gastric lumen pH reaches 4. Both substances suppress acid secretion hundred-fold.

Omeprazole Figure 2

Parietal cells express proton potassium ATPase which is responsible for acid secretion into canaliculi.

Electron microscopic image, magnification 29.000 fold, with a massive load of Soluventis nanoparticles.

In comparison to ACEinhibitor Captopril

ACE-inhibitors are widely used antihypertensive drugs - they reduce the mean arterial blood pressure. However in case of a substantial fall of body core temperature of an anaesthetized small animal, Captopril inhibits the renin/angiotensin mediated blood pressure stabilization, resulting in a massive reduction of the mean arterial blood pressure to 50 mmHg and below.

Captopril Figure 1 Captopril Figure 2

Reduction of temperature in narcotic bed leads to body core temperature (left) and blood pressure (right) decrease. Control mice (black dots) quickly recover their blood pressure to normal values.

Captopril Figure 3 Captopril Figure 4

Captopril treated (red dots, left) and Soluventis platform / siRNA treated mice (red dots, right) have a substantial decrease in mean arteriel blood pressure and the recovery is markedly slowed.